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About Trippy Shades

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Hi, I'm Evan, the founder of Trippy Shades, the ultimate source for high-quality trippy eyewear that takes your festival experience to the next level. With a passion for rave culture and an eye for fashion, I set out to create a brand that embodies the spirit of PLUR while also offering unique, stylish products that stand out in a crowd.

Our mission at Trippy Shades is to provide festival-goers with the best possible experience by offering high-quality, affordable eyewear that enhances your visual experience and adds to the overall vibe of the event. Our products are carefully designed with comfort, durability, and style in mind, so you can focus on enjoying the music and making unforgettable memories with your friends.

I started Trippy Shades because I saw a need for eyewear that was both functional and fashionable, and I wanted to create a brand that reflected my personal style and love for the rave community. I have personally tested every product we offer to ensure that it meets our high standards for quality and performance, and I'm always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our products and enhance your festival experience.

At Trippy Shades, we believe that raves and festivals are about more than just music - they're about connection, creativity, and self-expression. That's why we're committed to creating a brand that embodies the spirit of PLUR and celebrates the unique, vibrant culture of the festival community. Whether you're a seasoned raver or attending your first festival, we invite you to join the Trippy Shades family and experience the magic for yourself.

Thank you for choosing Trippy Shades, and we look forward to seeing you at the next festival!

Express Delivery!

Orders from the US will be shipped within 4-7 business days!

Rave Approved!

Our products are rave approved! So no need to be worried about a boring time with Trippy Shades.